The art of gift

Your creativity!


The shop "I fiori Di Giovanna" in Faenza (RA - Italy) suggests an original gift. They insert a flower of "Crystal Flower Collection" in a precious bouquet together with a soft teddy bear. The red heart on the little bear matches with the heart element of the Crystal flower, good union! 



The gift gains importance also alone: enveloped in a piece of paper or textile. A little bit of green and a ribbon to tie everything... Here you can see some examples..


A table with many gifts for new births is the one we can see in Calci (PI - Italy) in the shop "Un fiore per te". Among many offers to celebrate this occasion you can find a flower from "Crystal Design collection": an idea for a simple and authentic present. The flower is wrapped as if it is the body of a butterfly. A shining wish for the new birth! 


What about you? What would you create with Crystal Design flowers?

If you have any ideas or you have already used Crystal design flower to create artistic compositions or particular decorations send us an e-mail (info@crystaldesign.bizand soon you will see the pictures of your creations here on our website.

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