Important occasions


Here we are. The spring season has arrived. This season brings with it not only a warm breeze but also many news and important occasions. This is in fact the period of the year in which we meet many cerimonies that have to be celebrated and remembered. We decide to match to each occasion a flower Crystal Design. A gift to give to all the guests as a memento of the event.

For the Baptism of the baby, a small flower that has just bloomed...
The spike is the symbol of the spring season, of the nature that wakes up after the long winter sleep. The grain of wheat is the symbol of rebirth, a sign of hope for the future.
The First Communion's symbol.

A flower made of silver and crystal to remember the mature
and conscious confirmation of our Baptism.
A nice ladybug on a flower: a lot of red and a lot of luck for the Degree.  

Approaching to marriage?
To prove the complete fulfilment of a true love,
we created a crystal swan on a flower as a symbol of authentic love, loyalty, strenght and courage.




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