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Originality rewards

Our idea comes from the historical period that we are all living and from the strong will to create always something new and original for you to offer to your customers. This project was born three years ago at the beginning of the deep economic crisis that we are now facing. The aim was to make a product "made in italy" with a high standard of quality and an affordable price and that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. At the beginning of our production "CRYSTAL FLOWERS" we manufactured only small roses, spikes, sunflowers and small butterflies. After the first year thanks to your great push we had the opportunity to give birth to "Lucky Flower" with the ladybug, to "Happy Flower" the smiling flower, to "Party Flower" the rose with feathers, to "Music Flower", "Events" and so on... We would like to thank all of you for having prized our creativity and our imagination. But this is not enough for us and so here we are now with many important news that you can easily have a look at if you visit the "Catalog" section on our website. We would like to focus your attention upon "Rosabella" the unique real stabilized rose embellished with Swarovski elements. The "Favola" series that includes many enchanting small animals.


Our producs are easily recognizable thanks to the quality of the materials used, the accurate manufacture, the efficient customer service, our presence on the social network, on many specialized magazines and on famous exhibitons. Each of our products has a certificate of guarantee and a box to contain it. We also give you the possibility to furnish your shop with many supports like window stickers and personalized displays realized to better show our products. For all these reasons we invite you to prize once again our originality and the offer that we have reserved to you up to now.

Everybody knows that is far more easy to imitate than to create something new but an imitation is often nothing more than a "bad copy" of a good product. The only original CRYSTAL FLOWER is made and signed by CRYSTAL DESIGN.

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