New look

This is the new counter display. It is small and compact and easy to place in your shop. You can put it on the counter or directly in the shop window thanks to its small dimensions (30cm x 20cm x h 45cm).


It could make the sell of the products easier thanks to its harmonious appearance. This box is like a small garden and the roses seem to bloom out of it in their beautiful colours and natural shapes. Hither and thiter on the surface you can find some small shiny petals made of crystal that resemble dew drops.

ROSABELLA is the unique real stabilized rose embellished with Swaroski elements. It has a very intuitive name that is reported on every counter display and on every box containing roses so you cannot get confused with other roses.


There are plenty occasions that could be suitable to give Rosabella as a present. It's beauty will last for a long time (4/5 years if you keep it in its specific box). The slogan reported on the sides of the display is studied to encourage the sell of the product.

A gift is always welcomed but if this gift is Rosabella it will surely be a beautiful present... a flower that lasts long that will make everybody remind of you forever.

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