January 2014 Preview

Crystal Design


The new flowers for 2014 signed by Crystal Design honour a great impressionist artist, the “Painter-Gardener” Claude Monet. He presents us, through his series of Water Lilies, a new way of seeing nature with a particular attention to water.

Why we chose waterlily?? It's a flower which has a high decorative value and that is able  to embellish, to its particularly ample shape, every ambiance in which it blooms. Generally Water Lilies are aquatic flowers. They are spectacular flowers and they born and grow in the water usually in small lakes and ponds.

In this case the inspiration is connected with the flower's shape, a large number of heart-shaped petals made with Swarovski crystal compose the flower bud smoothing the lines and giving a love meaning to the object.

Water Lily's Heart

Royal Water Lily

To give as a gift a flower made with many small hearts
is the most natural and simple way to say to a special person:


Add these new creations to your collection.

Crystal Design: an emotion for every occasion!


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