Valentine’s day



Classic is timeless... for Valentine's day give a rose as a present!

Of course we are talking about Rosabella: the unique real stabilized rose embellished with Swarovski elements, a timeless red rose made contemporary by the corolla of crystal petals.

This elegant rose can be conserved forever in its specific box, it will never wither because it is a flower that, thanks to a specific treatment, is stabilized its ageing is blocked to the moment when it was cut to mantain its original characteristics.

It is a rose without spine: in this way you can show a burning love (from the rose red colour) without the risk of being burned or got injured by a spine.

Red roses are considered to be a symbol of passion and love. The story told that one day Saint Valentine heard, beyond his garden, two young lovers quarreling. He took from his garden a beautiful rose and  gave it to them as a present asking them to make peace tighten the rose together and praying God to mantain their love alive eternally. After some time the couple asked him to bless their marriage. Since that day rose has become the love symbol.

A rose is a gift that is always appreciated and could become a seal of precious romantic moments. If you want to astonish her, you can also choose ROSABELLA SILVER, even more original and precious thanks to the silver 925 leaves that adorn the stalk. It born as a product for jewelry stores but now is available also in the best shops. And if red isn't enough for you choose among many different colours available!                            


 Happy Saint Valentine's Day to all sweet hearts! 

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