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Good Luck Magnet


“'s like a mania, if you could see my fridge you would easily become aware of this, I collect magnets, my habit is to take a magnet in every place I visit, and by looking at my friends and acquaintance houses I became aware that I'm not the only one. It's a fashion that spreads out and it's really amazing to see them all giving colour and personality to a standard object like the fridge, the back side of a iron door or a washingmachine. They are mostly magnets nice…”


Following this spark we began to think of giving life to a magnet and to requalify it by the use of crystal. This is how the collection “Magnet Good Luck” was born. The small lady bug, nice red animal, symbol of good luck is placed on a crystal flower. It's ready to note (“to pin as we say nowadays) everything you love. A New life for a product that is always fashionable. The magnet is a small product, cheap but with an important profit. It can  transmit pieces of information, emotions, or memories linked to an event. It's a good idea for a young gift that can become also an object to collecting.


A fridge without magnets is empty, use every magnet to remember something beautiful, decorate the space and give yourself the possibility to create a beautiful picture that stand out from the fridge wall. Give free expression to your creativity to dispose, fix pictures and messages or to keep in evidence important documents. Discover the three models “Good luck magnets” in the authorized Crystal Design shops. You can recognize them by the four-leaved clover exhibitor with the personalized logo, original and unique.

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