Mother's Day

May: the month dedicated to mothers and roses!

In May, in Italy as in other countries, we celebrate Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a very ancient celebration, connected to the politeistic cult of the fecundity divinity. It used to be celebrated in the time of the year in which the nature's passage from winter to summer and the smells and the prosperity of the ancient rural civilization are more evident.

The Rose drive us to the maternal figure linked to the fertility cult. According to roman and greek mithology the rose was born from Adonis and Venus blood and for that reason it represents love and has the power to generate life.

It is the symbol of beauty, life and love and it testifies more than any other flower the sons' attachment and the gratitude towards their mothers. We dedicate this small place to our roses with a lovely wish to all the mothers and to all who are up to become them.

Rosabella is a woman's beauty, is elegance and femininity.

Rosabella: the unique real stabilised rose embellished with Swarovski elements. An elegant rose that can be conserved in its specific box. It will never wither: it is a flower that, thanks to a specific treatment, is stabilised and the its ageing is blocked at the moment when it had been cut. So it will mantain its original characteristics of freshness and beauty  for a long time.

Rosabella is precious, evocative and delicate. A rose that is able to go straight to the heart. A rose that gives emotions, an original and unique gift for Mother's Day.




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