Good wishing creations

Lovely Ladybug! :)

The floral compositions made by the shop “Fiori Foglie e Fantasia” near Gorizia (Italy) are lively, colorful and brilliant. In these compositions the main piece is the Crystal Flower with the lovely ladybug: a good wishing present that will make you remember about a precious moment or an occasion deeply felt.

The first composition seem to have a patriotic spirit: in fact it is made, maybe unwillingly, with the colors of our italian flag. A big green leave encloses and creates the background in which the creations reveals itself. A circular white composition stand in the middle. A red bow to conclude. Red is the color that stands out: a little touch of it on a white field immediately catches the attention. Red is also the color of the lovely ladybug: the most good whishing color!

A look at the sun with this beautiful composition that release an intense brightness that is typical of the sunflowers. Every petal gives us a ray of joy and happiness. This is the variety of the famous sunflowers immortalized by Van Gogh with the nice ladybug on the Crystal Flower.


We continue with this beautiful mottled roses that with the variety of their petals' color give life to the composition. In contrast a little bit of green. They used the “Alchemilla” and in the middle to make the composition more light and cheerful the lovely ladybug.

You can find the crystal flowers "Crystal Design" as the lovely ladybug both together with these beautiful compositions realized on request or prepared for special occasions by the floral designers, or you can buy them singularly to embellish give color and decorate every corner of your house. Look for them in the best shops!

What about you? What would you create with Crystal Flowers?

If you have any ideas or you have already used  the Crystal Flowers to create artistic compositions or particular decorations send us an e-mail ( and soon you will see the pictures of your creations here on this website.


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