Favor ideas

Time of ceremonies ... favors for all events!


The wedding favor, born as a small box cointaining sweets, used to have a good wish and luck purpose. Now it is a thought to say thank you, a gift for those who have shared the joy of the couple or a present for the guests to remember the event.

The choice of the object has no rules, you just get carried away by the pleasure of giving something that we like, which affects, which falls in love. Be enchanted by the magic of unique items designed to enrich the emotions of your special day.

A thought precious and floral is our proposal for the ceremonies.

Give a flower is a genuine and natural gesture of affection, a nice way to say thank you. A small object with a strong symbolic value.


There is a flower crystal designed for every important event in our life (not only marriage, but also baptisms, confirmations, anniversaries, graduations ...). 


An elegant gift, which can transmit along time the joy and excitement of a special day.

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