The rose without seasons!


Multicolor Swarovski rhinestones rain on small jars of crystal. A nest consisting of threaded natural fibers has been created specifically to hold the rose inside of the jar. The color of the roses and the light of the crystal mixed them up once again to give birth to a decorative object that can become a placeholder, a bonbonniere or a small gift idea, you know ... the classical thought.

Like it's always sunny ... seasons change but this rose remains always the same, beautiful.

It does not need water, it does not need sunlight; it is a stabilized rose. It is a flower that, thanks to a specific treatment, is stabilised and its ageing is blocked at the moment when it was cut to allow its original characteristics of beauty and freshness lasting for a long time.

It is a completely Natural flower: every rose is real, in every single part of it and for this reason different from all the others, beautiful for that. The natural beauty of this rose is its peculiarity in every single detail, like for example the type of leaves, the bud' shape, the petals consistency, that make it unique. 

Here are the proposals NEW ROSABELLA:

- Jar with Swarovski rhinestones decoration, rose with natural leaf stabilised.

- Jar with Swarovski rhinestones decoration, rose with natural leaf stabilised combined with a     precious silver leaf.

- Jar with  Swarovski rhinestones decoration, rose with two leaves precious silver.

The color range is wide: you can choose from 7 colors of roses available.




Each jar Rosabella, is equipped with single box: transparent,

to show and structured to enclose a small beauty ready to be donated.



Rosabella is today a registered brand by Guerra l.E. sas. This is useful to protect our product which is original in its idea and in its name from imitations and abuses and to guarantee more safety to the customer, who can be sure of the product he is buying. You can find Rosabella collection in our shops all around Italy. A gift is always welcomed, but if it is Rosabella it will surely be a nice present...the unique rose that will make you be remembered in time!



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