Each one has his own choice!



Choose = distinguish and determine among things, solutions, what, according to a particular criterion, seems to be the best thing ... as a willing, rational or impulsive act, which happens when you have more alternatives.

Prefer an object Crystal Design, rather than another, the one that most suited to your tastes or needs...more choice ... ... is that what we want give to you to start the new year!

We offer you a wide selection of articles, (in addition to the services we already offer you, as you have been able to test) can reach a large audience, with different purchasing power.

Crystal Design ... to each one his own choice!

New products and new proposals are born based on your preferences, thanks to a strong response during the year that has just passed.

Crystal DESIGN: Here are the proposals ROSABELLA NEW for 2016!

There are two versions that excel: a small version where beauty is contained in a crystalline square shape, with simple and modern lines, a little pot, enhanced by the light of Swarovski crystals, where blooms Rosabella; and a big version where the crystalline container becomes a small check, where items such as moss and green reveal the beauty of a composition of floral stabilized art.

Each creation Rosabella, has single box: which is transparent to show in all its beauty, and structured to enclose a small charm. So that it could be a complete and perfect gift, to be donated and it could amaze those who receive it. 

Nature, reflections of silver and crystal are combined with fantasy ... giving birth to several possible combinations and the chance for you to choose the ones you prefer.

Rosabella is a product Crystal Design and is a registered brand of GUERRA I E s.a.s. This is to protect our product original idea and the name from imitations and abuses and to guarantee more safety to the customer, who can be sure of the product he is buying. You can find the collection Rosabella in our stores throughout Italy. A gift is always welcome, but if is ROSABELLA is definitely a nice cadeaux ... that will amaze those who receive it!


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