Once upon a time...

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time...

Remember the enchanted rose that was located in the castle of the Beast?

"In the Disney feature film Beauty and the Beast an old beggar was presented to the prince's castle and asked shelter from the cold in exchange for a rose. He had driven out, but the beggar was really a fairy that punishment had cast a spell on the castle turning the prince into a beast and leaving an enchanted rose that would remain alive until his 21st birthday. If by that time the prince had found true love, the spell would be broken, otherwise it would remain in the beast".

This inspiration of Rosabella is a tribute to Enchanted rose of "Beauty and the Beast", which comes out tomorrow in all cinemas of Italy.

Rosabella: the only real rose stabilized, 100% natural, embellished with Crystals of Swarovski, which contained in a glass case, defies time and promises to keep its freshness and beauty over time,to get you feel like a princess and transform metaphorically your home in a castle. Of course, the rose is red in the film, but this is available in 10 colors. For sale in the best shops, only on order for special people. (Dim. h 27,5 x 14 x 14 cm)

Why not create a themed showcase at the release of this fable? Here is a beautiful example:

Rosabella and "Beauty and the Beast":shop window OTAKU HERO–Cassano Magnago(VA) Italy 

If you want to know the whole collection Rosabella follow the link:


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