Excellent materials like precious stones, crystal and silver merged themselves in a game of lights and colours to give birth to crystal design products.

Our brand is well known and prominent, it is specialized in the production and distribution of objects, gifts ideas and bijoux all marked by the unique style that characterized both the products and their presentation.

The innovative research together with the attention to every single detail drive the factory to the ideation of young products characterized by a great attraction. Unique and exclusive products designed and realized entirely in italy.

Objects that communicate:  they talk about us, about you and your passion and they are always able to give us emotion and to make us dream. Flowers, Violet, Ice, Zoo, Holy Art: are only some of the names of the collections that have obtained a great success. Collections characterized by elegance and refinement. Great emotions that the factory would like to give to its customers who choose to buy or to to gift a product signed "Crystal Design".

This production is an excellent example of “Made in Italy” that unite creativity and design together with the materials quality and an accurate realization. Every collection is characterized by a guarantee certificate that attests the product's authenticity.

Guerra I.E. di Guerra M. s.a.s.

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